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Luv Jam

WPH kicks off 2015 with a new E.P. by the mighty Luv Jam from Wales. Living in a universe that is entirely his own Andrew Cole has cooked up two more of his 'especially for WPH'-tracks.
One here at WPH HQ can only be flattered! 'Californian Freestyler' is the more peak time burner of the two, but 'BMX Bandito' will not disappoint the more discerning punters out there either.

On remix duty we find the main artist from our friends at Uncanny Valley in Dresden, Jacob Korn. Any work by Jacob is always a treat and this here is no exception. Flexing our digging talents we have also licensed a Luv Jam remix from the good people at Panta Rhei that was only released on limited 7'. We feel it deserved to be on a 12', so there.

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A1Luv JamCalifornian Freestyler
A2Luv JamCalifornian Freestyler (Jacob Korn Remix)
B1Luv JamBMX Bandito
B2Niccolò CupoPanta Relics (Luv Jam Xylo Remix)


We Play House Recordings - WPH 023


Vinyl, 1x12"

Mint (M)
Mint (M)