Tryll Reggoh / Carbon Thought Print

Cru Servers

Super-limited 7" (300 copies for the world) in hand-made packaging created by Cru Servers.

Cru Servers is the audio-visual collaborative project of Glasgow-based brothers Rickie and Jamie McNeill, a duo who individually appear under a plethora of monikers including Fox Gut Daata, Perfumed Head, Burnt Altar and Voices Like Bones. The sounds made are a kind of Poundshop psychedelia, where permo flashbacks bring half memories of Marshall, Theo and Juan, and hardware remains their master and guide. The influences are diverse, and the resulting sound is both large-system-functional and highly original.

ATryll Reggoh
BCarbon Thought Print


Bomb Shop - BMS024

Techno, Electro, Experimental

Vinyl, 1x7"

Mint (M)
Mint (M)