Евгений Дога

Евгений Дога

Eugen Dimitrie Doga

Eugen Doga or Evgheni Dimitrievici Doga is a Moldavian composer born March 1st, 1937 in Transnistria (former Romanian region), USSR, Mocra village, now Moldavia, district Rîbniţa.
He began his career as a cellist in the orchestra musician State Committee of R.S.S.M. for Television and Radio <b>1962-1967</b>
Professor of Music at "Ștefan Neaga" School in Chişinău. <b>1967-1972</b>
Member of Editorial Board of the Ministry of Culture of Moldavian Republic (RSS Moldovenești).

He became (from 1967) one of the most famous composers of cinema and TV films in post-Soviet space, writing music for over 200 films.