Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd was an English rock band from London. Founded in 1965, the group achieved worldwide acclaim, initially with innovative psychedelic music, and later in a genre that came to be termed progressive rock.

Distinguished by philosophical lyrics, musical experimentation, frequent use of sound effects and elaborate live shows, Pink Floyd remains one of the most commercially successful and influential groups in the history of popular music.

[a=David Gilmour] - guitar, slide guitar, vocals (1968-2014)
[a=Richard Wright] - keyboards, vocals (1965-1980, 1987-2008)
[a=Nick Mason] - drums, percussion, sound effects (1965-2014)
[a=Roger Waters] - bass guitar, vocals, sound effects (1965-1985)
[a=Syd Barrett] - guitar, vocals (1965-1968)

Other players:
[a=Rado Klose] - guitar (1965)
[a=Jon Carin] - backing vocals, keyboards, slide guitar, sound effects (1985-1995)

Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 (Performer).


David Gilmour
Nick Mason
Richard Wright
Roger Waters
Syd Barrett