Guns N' Roses

Guns N' Roses is an American hard rock band formed in 1985 in Los Angeles, California. Their 1987 'Appetite For Destruction' became the biggest selling debut album in history.

The band was founded by Tracii Guns and Axl Rose, with Axl Rose being the only constant member throughout the band's history.

[b]Current members (2016)[/b]
[i]W. Axl Rose[/i] [William Bruce Rose, Jr.] (vocals, keyboards, percussion, 1985-present)
[i]Slash[/i] [Saul Hudson] (guitar, 1985-96; 2016-present)
[i]Duff McKagan[/i] (bass, 1985-97; 2016-present)
[i]Dizzy Reed[/i] [Darren Reed] (keyboards, backing vocals, percussion, 1990-present)
[i]Richard Fortus[/i] (guitar, 2002-present)
[i]Frank Ferrer[/i] (drums, 2006-present)
[i]Melissa Reese[/i] (keyboards, 2016-present)

[b]Former members[/b]
[i]Tracii Guns[/i] (guitar, 1985)
[i]Izzy Stradlin[/i] (rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, 1985-91)
[i]Ole Beich[/i] (bass, 1985)
[i]Rob Gardner[/i] (drums, 1985)
[i]Steven Adler[/i] (drums, 1985-90)
[i]Matt Sorum[/i] (drums, 1990-97)
[i]Gilby Clarke[/i] (rhythm guitar, 1991-94/95)
[i]Paul "Huge" Tobias[/i] (guitar, 1994-2002)
[i]Robin Finck[/i] (guitar, 1996-99, 2000-2009)
[i]Josh Freese[/i] (drums, 1998-2000)
[i]Brain[/i] [Bryan Mantia] (drums, 2000-2006)
[i]Buckethead[/i] [Brian Carroll] (guitar, 2000-04)
[i]Bumblefoot[/i] [Ron Thal] (guitar, 2006-2014)
[i]DJ Ashba[/i] (guitar, 2009-2015)
[i]Tommy Stinson[/i] (bass, 1998-2014(2016))
[i]Chris Pitman[/i] (keyboards, 1999-2016)'Roses


Duff McKagan
Matt Sorum
Axl Rose
Dizzy Reed
Brian Carroll
Bryan Mantia
Chris Pitman
DJ Ashba
Frank Ferrer
Gilby Clarke
Jeffrey Isbell
Josh Freese
Melissa Reese
Paul Tobias (2)
Richard Fortus
Robin Finck
Ron Thal
Saul Hudson
Steven Adler
Tommy Stinson
Tracii Guns