P.M. Dawn

P.M. Dawn

Also written as 'PM Dawn'.

Current member: Dr. Giggles aka Doc G [2005-]

PM Dawn was founded by the two brothers [a=Attrell S. Cordes] AKA [a=Prince Be] and [a=Jarrett Cordes] AKA [a=DJ Minute Mix].
Their cousin Dr. Giggles aka Doc G was added to the lineup for their 2005 comeback, right after which Jarrett was fired from the band. PM Dawn continued with Doc G replacing Jarrett. It has lately been informed that Attrell Cordes suffered from a few strokes and that his health status does not allow him to continue with the band.

In the current state of affairs, their cousin Doc G has practically "inherited" the PM Dawn flag, and is touring as PM Dawn performing their songs.

Attrell Cordes died at the age of 46 on June 17th 2016, due to his diabetes.



Attrell S. Cordes
Jarrett Cordes